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Specializing in Sport Turf Management and Construction

Professional Turf Services You Can Rely On!


Turf Removal

The answer to your worn turf! The Koro Topmaker™ is ideal for removing and leveling worn or damaged turf. The site is
leveled and the turf and vegetation is turned into compost, which is easier for disposal or re-use as top dressing material.

Laser Grading

(Includes Tee & Green Repair)- With our expertise in grading and preparing hundreds of acres of land annually for our turf
development programs, we can offer these capabilities to our customers. The Level Best laser equipment is ideal for areas
ranging from a baseball infield or a golf course tee box, to a football or soccer field area. The laser-controlled equipment
dramatically increases precision and accuracy for your job site.

Ground Preparation

The Land Pride Power Rake specializes in smoothing and clearing debris & rocks from your bare ground site. Our Rotadarian tilling unit is used for cultivating soil, loosening and breaking up surface compaction, and creates a non-compacted seed bed finish ready for earth moving and grading. All of these benefits enable us to complete your job simultaneously and efficiently.

Big Roll Installation

Big rolls are available 4’ wide by 80’-90’ long, allowing for a larger area to be sodded quickly and efficiently. A thick cut option is also available for these custom cut rolls (1 ½ “-2”). The Delta Bluegrass sports crew is experienced and professional, which ensures a high quality result.

Hybrid Bermuda Sprig Planting

Our state of the art Stolon planter, developed for us by Bermuda King is unique in its ability to plant a prepared bare-ground site. It can plant any warm season turf variety into an existing turfgrass stand, giving our customers the ability to transition a cool season turf stand into a warm season turf stand using a cost effective method.