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Maximize your Investment with our Expert Renovation Services

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Turf Aeration

Recognized as the industry standard, the Soil Reliever technology is light enough to use on golf greens and tough enough to use on even the most compacted soils. Our state of the art aeration equipment can be adjusted for many applications, resulting in healthier turgrass, increased water conservation and noticeable cost savings.

Top Dressing Fields

(Including Greens & Fairways)- Our large area Ty Crop top dressing units can make small work of large jobs. It can spread a wide range of soil products and spread it in a wide range of depths. It is equipped with low impact tires to guarantee little or no turf rutting or damage.

Drill and Slit Seeding

The Land Pride slit seeder offers precise placement and excellent seed-to-soil contact; making it ideal for overseeding existing stands of turfgrass or establishing new turfgrass. It is a highly accurate machine recognized as one of the best methods available in overseeding your damaged turf.

Our Brillion seeder is used to seed thousands of acres of turf annually, placing the seed on your project as accurately and precisely as possible.

Tee & Green Repairs

One of the most visually stunning parts of a golf course is the green tabletop turf and sand bunkers. To keep up with the pace of play, our crew can effectively repair the damage to your tees and bunkers. Precise leveling, grading and sod placement remove the imperfections and create the desired flat surface for your course.