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Sod Innovations and New Developments

Always Working to Improve Sod Varieties to Benefit Our Industry.

R & D Installation at our McDonald Island Ranch

Five of the largest seed producers in Oregon submitted their experimental and newest drought tolerant varieties of turf grass for our evaluation program. We also are proud to be the first to trial Kurapia Inc’s “New White” variety.

Our R&D program allows us to remain on the cutting edge of turfgrass technology, as our goal is to always provide blends that minimize water usage.

LightBox Technology

The lightbox technology adopted by Delta Bluegrass Company is an innovative diagnostic tool. The unbiased scientific data is used in selecting grasses that provide optimum drought benefits.

The system uses a light source and digital photography to capture photographs of the various plots being analyzed. The photographs are then fed into a computer and are correlated into the quality aspects of color, density and texture. The system has the ability to then compare the readings of all the plots analyzed and rate them on a quality scale.

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