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We are committed to providing our clients with exceptional service and a premium quality product.

Delta Bluegrass Company provides our business with competitive pricing, professional and affordable installation services, and the highest quality products in the industry. From top to bottom, their credit, sales and installation personnel are knowledgeable, pleasant and respectful. I consider DBC to be a key ingredient to the success of our business.

Joshua Houck

Aerco Pacific, Inc.

I recommend the use of your Native Mow Free and Native Bentgrass which I call "mowing optional" as with each blend I mow infrequently and water the same way. Of course we have summer fog which augments the moisture in the root and top zones.

PEOPLE ARE UNDER THE IMPRESSION THAT THESE SOD FORMS ARE INSTALLED BECAUSE OF THEIR WATER CONSERVING CHARACTERISTICS; HOWEVER THEY MORE IMPORTANTLY SAVE THE PLANET'S ATMOSPHERE. Small motors on lawn mowers often produce the same emissions in one hour of operation that moderately fuel efficient automobiles emit in driving them over 350 miles. Edgers and blowers are even worse creating the same emissions in one hour that the car would travelling 1000 miles. This carbon fact is much more significant for our environment.

Ken Coverdell

Blue Sky Designs Inc

The Sports Turf Varieties are very good in terms of color, soil chemistry and overall great rooting time. The quality of seed varieties for cool season grass is tremendous. The products are very good from the equipment used on jobs to the quality of sod used on many different sites that require the best of the best. The varieties of Bermudagrass sprigs are superior and the process the Sports Turf Team uses to incorporate Bermudagrass sprigs into a new or existing site is excellent.

Tony Camarena

TCS Turf

Delta Bluegrass Company’s commitment toward the development of native California water-conserving sod alternatives is laudatory. Their California Native Sod Program answers our plea as landscape architects for new and innovative alternatives in the sod industry that advance environmental sustainability in our thirsty state. We applaud the vision and efforts that Delta Bluegrass Company has invested in bringing us to this threshold of new possibilities for the environments we design.

Thomas Klope, ASLA

Thomas Klope Associates, Inc.

Pacific Coast Seed is very pleased to be working with Delta Bluegrass on the production of CA native perennial sods. We believe that the blends in their portfolio have many applications in the urban, suburban and natural landscape. There's been a long-standing disconnect for some clients who have had expectations for fast establishment and prompt weed control of native grass plantings. Now there are sod products that can match up the need for near instant results and provide the native material desired by the designers and clients. As the planting of large-scale native grass and forbs continues to expand, we believe that professional growers such as Delta Bluegrass will play an ever-increasing role in scientifically producing native sods to meet this growing demand. As there's been a movement from turfgrass seeding to turfgrass sodding over the last 40 years, there could well be an equal transition from native seeding to native sodding in the years ahead.

David Gilpin

Pacific Coast Seed, Inc.