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Premium Peat Grown Sod Blends

The Leading Sod Choice in Northern and Central California

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100% BoleroTM Dwarf Fescue

  • Fine bluegrass-like texture
  • More drought and heat tolerant
  • Excellent disease resistance
  • Beautiful dark blue-green winter color
  • Slower growing, fewer clippings
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Alliance For Low Input Sustainable Turf Alliance For Low Input Sustainable Turf

Bolero Plus™

90% BoleroTM Dwarf Fescue / 10% Bluegrass

  • Bolero PlusTM blend was created with the addition of bluegrass to BoleroTM dwarf fescue. Providing the same qualities offered in BoleroTM the addition of bluegrass assures better density, faster wear recovery and better wintering.
None Season
Alliance For Low Input Sustainable Turf Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance

90/10 Tall Fescue

90% Tall Fescue Blend/10% Bluegrass

  • Stands up better to high traffic areas
  • Adapts to shade, winters well
  • Deep rooted, very little thatch
  • Good color, low maintenance
  • Mowing height as low as 1-1/2 to 2 inches
None Season

Mow Free

Combination of Fine Fescues

  • Blend of sheeps, hard, and creeping red fescue that creates a meadow-like look
  • Can be left unmowed
  • Good shade resistance
  • Works well on slopes and unmowed roughs on golf courses
None Season

Shade Blend

Heat Tolerant Tall Fescues Combined with Shade Loving Fine Fescues

  • Specifically designed to excel in full and filtered sun
  • Contains two tall fescues and fine fescue varieties known to excel in up to 40% shade
  • Excellent heat and wear tolerance for high traffic areas
None Season

100% Bluegrass

Premium Bluegrass Blend

  • Performs best in the cooler coastal and mountain climates of California
  • Winters well
  • Natural rhizome structure provides quick healing and uniform growth
  • Not deep rooted, requires higher maintenance