Answers to Common Sod Questions

How often should I water my sod?

Proper watering of sod is essential to root establishment of your sod. The day of installation, enough water should be applied to penetrate the sod and two inches of native soil. From day two on, keep your sod and soil moist throughout the day. The roots are short so the sod cannot withstand large amounts of water at a single time. Other than the first day, the ground under the sod should never be soggy. Usually watering four to six times during the day for approximately five to six minutes each cycle, is required until root establishment has begun on your sod. Root establishment will usually begin within ten to fourteen days depending on the environment and the time of year the sod is installed. *Our Sod Care & Maintenance page offers useful information and helpful tips also!!


Can I walk on my new sod immediately?
It is recommended to stay off your new sod until after the first mowing. During the spring, summer and fall months, it is recommended to wait 14 days until you should walk on your new sod. In the winter months, it is recommended to wait a little longer, about 14-21 days. This time period allows the roots to be established.


When is the best time to water my sod?
The hours between midnight-5 am are best to water your sod. Avoid, if possible, watering into the evening hours (after 5:30-6 p.m.) because this is the best way to avoid a fungus problem. Too much water will rob the roots of oxygen and in warmer weather that can possibly lead to disease. The length of each watering cycle will depend on the soil type with which you are working and the output of your irrigation system. A clay type soil may need five minutes, four times a day and a sandy loam may need seven minutes, five times a day. You have to judge the minutes given, but here is a tip: If the water is standing under the sod for more than just a few minutes after an irrigation set has finished or if the soil is soggy, you are probably giving the sod too much water at one time. After the sod is established, you can reduce the amount of times per day that you water the sod and you can increase the length of watering minutes.


Which blend is best for me?
Delta Bluegrass Company offers over 20 varieties of sod for your project needs. Take a look at our sod varieties and their characteristics to find the perfect match for your landscape design. The sod selection guide under the "Choose a Sod" menu allows you to choose different characteristics you are interested in and the appropriate match will be displayed for you. We supply to most of Northern and Central California, delivering Monday-Saturday. Please call our office at 800-637-8873 if you have questions about your delivery location!


What is Bolero™ sod?
Bolero™ sod is Delta Bluegrass Company's signature dwarf fescue blend that features a bluegrass-like texture, is more heat tolerant, and offers excellent disease resistance.


How long will my sod stay fresh after it is delivered?
Your new sod should be installed immediately, as it is a perishable product!! This will ensure the best quality installation. We recommend using Bolero™ Sod & Seed Starter Fertilizer prior to installation.


Is Delta Bluegrass Sod available through any retailers?
Yes, please visit our "Distributor" page for assistance finding a retailer that is located in your area.