Residential And Commercial Varieties


100% Bolero Dwarf Fescue
  • Fine bluegrass-like texture
  • More drought and heat tolerant
  • Excellent disease resistance
  • Beautiful dark blue-green color year round
  • Slower growing, fewer clippings
  • Light to moderate foot traffic

Bolero Plus™

90% Bolero™ Dwarf Fescue, 10% Kentucky Bluegrass
  • Bolero Plus blend was created with the addition of bluegrass to Bolero™ dwarf fescue

  • Providing the same qualities offered in Bolero™ the addition of Bluegrass assures better density, faster wear recovery and better wintering

90/10 Tall Fescue

90% Tall Fescue, 10% Kentucky Bluegrass
  • Stands up better to high traffic areas

  • Adapts to shade and winters well

  • Deep rooted, very little thatch

  • Good color, low maintenance

  • Mowing height as low as 1 ½ to 2 inches

100% Bluegrass

Three-way Bluegrass Blend
  • Performs best in the cooler coastal and mountain climates of California

  • Natural rhizome structure provides quick healing and uniform growth

  • Not deep rooted, requires higher maintenance

  • Winters well

Blue Rye

50% Bluegrass Blend, 50% Premium Ryegrass Blend
  • Grows well in sandy or heavy soil

  • Dark blue-green color year round

  • Natural rhizome structure provides quick healing and uniform growth

  • Developed for golf courses and sports fields, formerly featured at AT & T Park, San Francisco, CA

100% Ryegrass

  • Specifically cultured for the golf course

  • Excellent for a close-cropped, fine bladed look

  • Excellent disease resistance and shade tolerance

  • Beautiful winter color

Rye Blue

90% Ryegrass, 10% Bluegrass
  • Cultured for golf courses and sports turf applications

  • Excellent for a close-cropped, fine blade look

  • Beautiful winter color

  • Bluegrass adds extra durability

Shade Blend

Cayenne Tall Fescue, Dynasty Tall Fescue, Jasper II Creeping Red Fescue, Victory II Chewings Fescue, Blue Velvet Kentucky Bluegrass
  • Specifically designed for up to 40% daily shade amounts

  • Highly suitable for special erosion control slopes.

Mow Free

Sheeps Fescue, Hard Fescue, Chewings Fescue, Creeping Red Fecue
  • Combination creates a meadow-like look

  • Can be left unmowed if desired

  • Good shade resistance

  • Works well on slopes and unmowed roughs on golf courses

Tifway 419 & Tifway II

Hybrid Bermudas (Available Overseeded with Ryegrass & on sand)
  • Excellent in high traffic areas & athletic fields

  • Quick recovery

  • Prefers full sun

  • Tolerates mowing height of ½ - ¾ of an inch

  • Featured at AT & T Park, San Francisco, CA