Installation Guide

A "step-by-step" On How To Install Sod

Step 1 - Apply Starter Fertilizer

Before laying sod, the first step in our sod installation guide is to apply DELTA BLUEGRASS COMPANY’S Bolero™ Sod & Seed STARTER fertilizer to the entire surface to be covered with sod. This gives the new grass food to nourish it in the first few weeks. And because you need to keep the sod wet for the first 10 days, existing nutrients in the soil will be watered down. Bolero™ Sod & Seed STARTER will provide the root system with what it needs to establish itself and continue healthy growth. The sod can then be laid directly on the fertilized soil.


Step 2 - Laying Your Sod

Start from the back of your property line to front along the longest straight-line boundary. Work away from the line so you're not stepping on the fresh sod. Make sure edges fit tightly together. Stagger sod slabs (like laying bricks) to offset seams. Should your area be irregular in shape, run a string between stakes in a straight line through the area and begin laying sod along this line. Make sure each piece of sod has good contact with the soil, because air pockets prevent proper rooting. If laying sod on a steep slope, use wooden pegs or sod staples to temporarily keep the sod in place.

Trim To Fit - Trim edges with your sod knife to fit around curves and leave clean, trimmed edges around sprinkler heads, driveways, etc. Avoid cutting sod into short or narrow strips because smaller pieces tend to dry out and fail to root properly.

NOTE: Keep Sod Moist – After you have laid about 200 square feet of sod, mist it with a garden hose before you finish the whole job to prevent the new sod from drying out. Hot summer temperatures can wilt fresh sod, so it's important to keep it moist as you lay it down!

Step 3 - Roll The Sod

After the sod is laid, use a roller to ensure good contact between the sod and the soil. Just fill the roller half-way for the final rolling. Do not use the lawn until rooting has started and the lawn is growing vigorously.


After 10 days of frequent watering, you can return to your normal schedule. Be sure to allow the soil to firm up to give you an opportunity to mow your lawn. A new sod lawn should be mowed approximately two weeks after installation.


Step 4 - Enjoy Your New Lawn

This concludes our sod installation guide! Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your new lawn.