Golf and Sports Turf

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Golf Turf List of Services


Celebration® Bermuda

  • Excellent for high use athletic surfaces and golf fairways
  • Exceptional divot recovery and wear tolerance
  • Highly tolerant of heat, shade & drought conditions
  • Soft texture and attractive blue-green color

Tifway 419 & Tifway II

Hybrid Bermudas
(Available Overseeded with Ryegrass & on sand)
  • Excellent in high traffic areas & athletic fields
  • Quick recovery
  • Prefers full sun
  • Tolerates mowing height of ½ - ¾ of an inch
  • Featured at AT & T Park, San Francisco, CA

Princess 77 Bermuda 

Improved Bermuda Variety
  • High leaf density
  • Outstanding drought tolerance
  • Quick divot recovery
  • Improved Seeded Type

Blue Rye

50% Bluegrass Blend, 50% Premium Ryegrass Blend
  • Grows well in sandy or heavy soil
  • Dark blue-green color year round
  • Natural rhizome structure provides quick healing and uniform growth
  • Developed for golf courses and sports fields, formerly featured at AT & T Park, San Francisco, CA


100% Ryegrass

  • Specifically cultured for the golf course
  • Excellent for a close-cropped, fine bladed look
  • Excellent disease resistance 
  • Beautiful winter color

100% Bluegrass

Three-way Bluegrass Blend
  • Performs best in the cooler coastal and mountain climates of California
  • Natural rhizome structure provides quick healing and uniform growth
  • Not deep rooted, requires higher maintenance
  • Winters well

Dominant (Plus) Bentgrass

  • Withstands heat, cold , and humidity
  • Improved resistance to most turf diseases
  • Dark green color, excellent turf density
  • Wide area of adaptation

Penncross Bentgrass

  • Aggressive lateral growth and good wear tolerance
  • Rapid establishment
  • Medium dark green color
  • Adapts to a wide range of conditions
  • Specifically Developed for golf tees putting greens and other lawn Sport activities

90/10 Tall Fescue

90% Tall Fescue, 10% Kentucky Bluegrass
  • Stands up better to high traffic areas
  • Adapts to shade and winters well
  • Deep rooted, very little thatch
  • Good color, low maintenance
  • Mowing height as low as 1 ½ to 2 inches

Mow Free

Combination of Fine Fescues
  • Blend of sheeps, hard, and creeping red fescue that create a meadow-like look
  • Can be left unmowed if desired
  • Good shade resistance
  • Works well on slopes and unmowed roughs on golf courses


Turf Renovations

Turf Removal-

The answer to your worn turf! The Koro Topmaker™ is ideal for removing and leveling worn or damaged turf. The site is leveled and the turf and vegetation is turned into compost, which is easier for disposal or re-use as top dressing material.

Laser Grading-

(Includes Tee & Green Repair)- With our expertise in grading and preparing hundreds of acres of land annually for our turf development programs, we can offer these capabilities to our customers. The Level Best laser equipment is ideal for areas ranging from a baseball infield or a golf course tee box, to a football or soccer field area. The laser controlled equipment dramatically increases precision and accuracy for your jobsite.

Turf Aeration-

Recognized as the industry standard, the Soil Reliever technology is light enough to use on golf greens and tough enough to use on even the most compacted soils. Our state of the art aeration equipment can be adjusted for many applications, resulting in healthier turgrass, increased water conservation and noticeable cost savings.

Ground Preparation-

The Land Pride Power Rake specializes in smoothing and clearing debris & rocks from your bare ground site. Our Rotadarian tilling unit is used for cultivating soil, loosening and breaking up surface compaction, and creates a non-compacted seed bed finish ready for earth moving and grading. All of these benefits enable us to complete your job simultaneously and efficiently.

Top Dressing-

(Including Greens & Fairways)- Our large area Ty Crop top dressing units can make small work of large jobs. It can spread a wide range of soil products and spread it in a wide range of depths. It is equipped with low impact tires to guarantee little or no turf rutting or damage.

Slit Seeding-

The Land Pride slit seeder offers precise placement and excellent seed-to-soil contact; making it ideal for overseeding existing stands of turfgrass or establishing new turfgrass. It is a highly accurate machine recognized as one of the best methods available in overseeding your damaged turf.

Drill Seeding-

Our Brillion seeder is used to seed thousands of acres of turf annually, placing the seed on your project as accurately and precisely as possible.

Big Roll Installation-

Big rolls are available 4’ wide by 80’-90’ long, allowing for a larger area to be sodded quickly and efficiently. A thick cut option is also available for these custom cut rolls (1 ½ “-2”). The Delta Bluegrass sports crew is experienced and professional, which ensures a high quality result.

Hybrid Bermuda Sprig Planting-

Our state of the art Stolon planter, developed for us by Bermuda King is unique in its ability to plant a prepared bare-ground site. It can plant any warm season turf variety into an existing turgrass stand, giving our customers the ability to transition a cool season turf stand into a warm season turf stand using a cost effective method.