Delivery Trucks

The priorities of our sod delivery method is maintaining efficiency and providing a superior experience.


Being the first turfgrass company in California to feature rolling billboards, the modern technology of our trucking fleet has been recognized in our industry as the most efficient delivery system.


The features of our trucks include an automatic rolling billboard system. The double-sided tarps roll up in approximately 5 minutes or less. This approach significantly reduces stand-by time and increases our ability to deliver more orders in a daily route.


The full-color canvas tarps also provide a unique advertising opportunity. As our trucks cover California territories ranging from Redding to Bakersfield, the distinctive and vibrant graphics have become a recognized brand of Delta Bluegrass Company.


Additional benefits of our trucking fleet include GPS systems, enabling our drivers to quickly navigate to their destination. With a new version of @Road software, our staff has the ability to locate any of our trucks while in-route and provide a “real-time” location of each delivery. Our trucks are also equipped with a mounted forklift, further increasing the time-savings of each delivery.


These valuable tools create resourceful delivery management and added convenience for our customers!