Delta Bluegrass Installation

The Smart Choice: Why You Save Money With Delta Bluegrass Company Installing Your New Sod

Professional Sod Installation

Over 50% of the sod we sell is installed by Delta Bluegrass trained crews. Our team of professionals has serviced over 1,000 customers in the past 20 years. We are experienced and efficient.

When you utilize the Delta Bluegrass Installation crew, it allows your personnel to complete other tasks. Our crew installs the sod and leaves without wasted employee time on your payroll.

Delta Bluegrass Installation allows your employees to lay irrigation pipe, control valves and other more profitable responsibilities.


Delta Bluegrass Installation has established quality control features with a supervising job foreman to assure quality standards. We take before and after photos of the jobsite and are responsive to any future problems which may occur.


Delta Bluegrass crews allow contractors to expand and accelerate their services without the capital expense of added crews, as well as, the speed in which jobs can be performed.

Many landscape contractors report lower worker's compensation costs due to the fact that their employees are no longer exposed to the rigors of sod installation.
So you will know what we consider a job well done by our installation crews, the following are the crew job instructions.

Cut to fit (when necessary)
Rolling of sod (always performed unless instructed otherwise)
Sweep sidewalks
Efficient Time Management
Professional attitude
Remove pallets
Haul away Delta Bluegrass Company debris
If your sod from DELTA BLUEGRASS COMPANY is purchased on an installed basis please follow the guidelines listed below.


The job supervisor, from the hiring company, must be on site during installation.

Any special conditions must be given to Delta Bluegrass Company at the time the order is placed. These conditions include, but are not limited to the following:


  • Hills and slopes
  • Patchwork
  • Stairs
  • Backyard location and access
  • Wheel barrowing
  • Special placement of sod which requires a pallet jack
  • Delivery areas (narrow streets and/or alleys, multiple level areas, etc.)