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The maintenance of California Native Sod varies depending on the variety you choose and your desired aesthetic. Each of the native sod offerings can be mowed or left non-mowed. Garden pathways and designated play meadows can be mowed into the grass area to allow foot traffic and greater accessibility throughout the landscape. It is best to determine the desired aesthetic and remain consistent with the maintenance program to maintain the look you prefer.

Important features of these grasses are:

California Native Sod installed and desired to provide a conventional lawn aesthetic will require weekly consistent mowing.

Non-Mowed grass areas will produce a seed head in the Spring. This is often mistaken as a weed invasion. If desired, the seed heads can be cut off with a string trimmer. Left alone, these beautiful flowers of the grass blow in the wind providing a seasonal splendor for which California is famous. Summer heat will turn the seed heads golden brown and causing them to eventually cascade over and grass cycle and mulch into the green grass below.

Should you which to convert a non-mowed area to mowed, it is important that the area be cut back gradually. You should never remove more than 1/3 of the leaf blade during cutting. When these grasses reach full maturity they fall over on themselves and shade out areas below. Cutting the grass will reveal these areas and may be unsightly. Well timed mowing in the early Spring will ensure that these grasses recover and fill back into the open spaces.

It is important to remember that “Low Maintenance” does NOT mean “No Maintenance”